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Janet Marie McPhatter is a graduate from the Unversity of Denver

with a Graduate Certificate in Web Development and a graduate from the

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a Master's degree in Education,

Leadership and Emerging Technologies. She is also a graduate

from Westwood College with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications

and earned an Associates degree in Digital Design from Stratford University.


Janet obtained her technical skills when she graduated from Maryland Drafting Institute for

Electro-mechanical Drafting. She graduated from Montgomery College and received certification

by the college, The Department of Labor, The Department of the Army and Army Research

Lab for Machinist Technology.


Janet is a trained graphic designer, technical illustrator and draftsperson with solid experience underpinned by her passion

for expressing her creativity. She has been employed on many contracts for the Federal Government and private sector.




Graphic Design        Web Design        Photo Manipulation        Motion Graphics        2D and 3D Computer Aided Design


3D Printing  Technical Drawing   Instructional Design and Media Development     Painting      Illustration/Free-hand Drawing




August 2013 to Present

Owner/Designer, Creative By Sight, LLC, Brandywine, MD

A design service that serves clients in Graphic, Web, Computer-Aided Design and Instructional Design.

Design work includes electronic and print work consisting of banners, brochures, logos, illustrations, diagrams, PowerPoint

Presentations and Motion Graphics, Front-end Web Design, 2D and 3D CAD work, BIM design, and media design and

development for eCourses for eLearning.


November 2015 to Present

Engineering Technician/CAD Manager, Washington Headquarters Services, Arlington, VA

Responsible for managing CAD contracting personnel. Assists Architects and Engineers with CAD work. Create project reports

for Management. Created graphic work for division as needed. Make sure CAD standards are met. Manage  and prepare

Master Drawing Record.


April 2006 to October 2015

Engineering Technician, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Responsible for creating illustrations, line diagrams, graphs and flowcharts.

Specialized in creating graphic presentations, flyers, logos, signage and banners for the

Facilities Engineering Group. Expert in 2D and 3D CAD drawings, photo manipulation and file conversion.


November 2011 to Present

Graphic and Web Designer, Embry AME Church, College Park, MD

Responsible for developing and maintaining the church and outreach center’s websites.

Created graphic artwork for the church and the center to include printed and email flyers, programs, banners,

and logos.


November 1992 to April 2014

Graphics Consultant, Vjits Floral Design, Washington, DC

Designed layouts for costume jewelry. Developed (conceptual design) of the company’s website.

Created graphic work of flyers, banners and cards on an as needed basis.


April 1998 to 2020

Graphic Associate, KareCADD and Associates, Lanham, MD

Creates graphic material for the company. Developed and maintains company’s website.

Give assistance in installation and troubleshooting software. Produced file conversions.

Creates and revises CAD drawings.


April 2010 to April 2012

Graphic and Web Designer, Self Expression, LLC., ­Woodbridge, VA

Specialized in the development graphic work and layout of webpages for clients.


As with all positions past and present, responsibilities consist of collaborating with clients for initial

design understandings and vision, devising and creating ideas, editing the design based on the client's

review and comments, and confirming the client's satisfaction throughout the design process.




Graduate Certificate in Web Design and Development at the University of Denver, University College


Master's degree from Rocky Mountain College or Art and Design, Denver CO in Education, Leadership and

Emerging Technologies.


Bachelor's Degree from Westwood College, Annandale, VA in Visual Communications. Valedictorian.


Associates Degree from Stratford University, Falls Church, VA in Digital Design. Magna Cum Laude.


Diploma in Electro-mechanical Drafting from Maryland Drafting Institute, Hyattsville, MD.



I do what I do because of something deep within want to create and express things that are visual in my mind. I enjoy making visuals come to life on most any kind of media. I also enjoy expressing ideas and notions visually for others. The most compensation I get from creating is a smile and to hear them say, “That’s it” or “This is what I’m looking for”. That’s worth more to me than gold or even money.


Art stimulates and excites my senses. I get so many emotions from creating. Depending on the subject matter, I sense happiness, especially if its colorful, sadness, eeriness, anger, romance, peace, laughter and even hunger.


My inspiration just comes and grabs me. An idea would come to me and I must turn it into reality. I can remember at the age of eight years old, well, I always loved coloring and had many of coloring books. This particular day, I was looking at my Disney, The Aristocats coloring book and listing to the sound track of the movie.


Looking at the characters, I thought to myself, I can draw these characters and that’s what I did. At first it seemed a bit of a challenge but I chugged my way through each character. Finally I completed my sketches. They were a bit crude by my mom, aunt and cousin thought they were great. They were and are such an inspiration to me. From the expressions they conveyed in viewing my work, gave me the fuel to do more and more if no more than to see the expressions and gestures from them.


Another occasion is in school my third grade teacher gave out an assignment consisting of a line drawing and attached behind it a sheet of line paper. The object of the assignment was to create a story about the picture you see then afterwards color the picture. Well me, being the “crayon nut” I did the assignment correctly for a short while then I would make out like I wrote the story but didn’t and colored  the picture anyway until after a while these stories had to be turned in and that’s when I got “Cold Busted”. I had colorful pictures and no stories to go with them.


By the time I was between 11 and 13 I began venturing out using different media like acrylics, watercolors, chalk pastels, color pencils and markers. I explored different subjects and techniques. I think the most difficult and challenging to do is the human body and the human face—both you would think are very simple but so complex.


College is where I really had the opportunity to be truly challenged and push my brain to the limit with such a variety of scenarios and problems to solve using even more different media. This was such a high. Here is where I also learned about the masters of the past and present. My favorites are Botticelli, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Salvador Dali.








2D/3D CAD and 3D Printing

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Being a Success in Online Learning - Class project with Valerie Raulerson, (RMCAD).



Janet McPhatter - Blog on online course development and research.



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Process Books

These books contain projects that incorporate my thought process, research, storyboards and the finished product.

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